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The last of our kind 7''

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The last of our kind 7'' Empty The last of our kind 7''

Post by Admin on Sat 18 Apr - 0:16

The last of our kind 7'' Vallll10
Hideous witch Photography

The Last Of Our Kind

Bane of our lives
Our right to decide
Spew out the hate and stamp on
Their pride

Manipulated by all that you see

Persecute, bleed
Forced down on their knees
Enslave the lambs, repeat history

Terror, divide
Forced to comply
Butcher the meek
The last of our kind

Yearn to be free
Damned to a life of conformity

Dignity reft
Chased to our deaths
Only the shreds of our consciousness left

Bigots disguised
Ignorant cries
Hunt down the innocent
Pluck out their eyes

Inside I Die
Long to defy
Face of rejection
The last of our kind

Facing our doom
Forgotten past
Give me a sign
Are we the last

The Great Divide

The great divide

How many martyrs are lost
Misguided lambs
The necks of our nations are crushed
The truth is a cinder

Through all this corruption
A voice of defiance
We all know the heavens are empty
Convincing the cattle to lay down their lives

How many bodies must burn
Washed up on the shore
The price of the greed that they yearn
Is sending our children to war

Reward mutilation
Applauding the dead
Orchestras of devastation
Conducted by devils
With sticks made of lies

The great divide

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