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 Splinters Empty Splinters

Post by Admin on Fri 17 Apr - 23:55

 Splinters Vallen12
Artwork Brian D'agosta

Release date : 05/12/2014

Twisted Evil  Listen here  Twisted Evil

1- Scabs
2- Bereft
3- Instinct slaughter
4- Odious bliss
5- Savages arise
6- Aghast
7- The wolves of sin
8- Cattle
9- Dragged to gehenna
10-Thirst for extinction

 Splinters T0cl

 Splinters N5sj

In The Studio With Kurt Ballou
 Splinters 4amj

In a pub - Salem ( Massachusetts )
 Splinters G07410

Splinters studio report :

Splinters ( Official video ) :



Hideous Witch
Consumed By Burning Poison
Infamous Bitch
I Am But Trapped Inside a Lie

These Scabs Will Never Heal

Tapping The Vein
Blackness Surrounds Me
Numbing The Pain
The Rage Is Rising Deep Inside

Long Cast Aside
To Lie Beside This Withered Whore
Bereft Of Life
These Scabs Will Bleed Forever More


Throughout His Plight
The Cries In Vain
Ring Out In Twisted Symphonies
In All The Days
I've Earned The Right
To Walk A Path Of Blasphemy

In An Empty Gloom
The Platitudes Of Grief
Four Stages Through
And No Acceptance

Through Bitter Vastitudes
Of Vanished Memories
My Mind Is A Tomb
Of Deathless Recollections

Oh Christ Our Savior
Taken From This Place
Show Us Your Mercy
Or Fall From Grace
Oh Lord Our Father
Thy Will Be Done
Save Us This Suffering
Or Cut Out Our Tongues

Instinct Slaughter

Throughout Scorched Horizons
Accursed Lands Are Born
While One Man Feasts
Another's Life Is Torn Apart

Profit Relies On Supply And Demand
Supply The Means, Demand The Slaughter

Avenge The Silence
Bite Off The Hand That Feeds
Famine and violence
A Swollen Pig Always Wants More

Odious Bliss

Tear At The Shroud
Tearful Prayers
A Hideous Price
The Fallen Must Bear

Pearls For The Pain
Odious Bliss
Exquisite Liqueur
A Mask Hides The Myth

A Lake Of Gore
Where Fallen Angels Dwell
Wrought So Much Havoc
The Entrails Of Your Faith

Majestic Pillars
Profound Solitude
The Dead Assemble
Underneath Blood Red Skies

Twisted Bodies
Tenebrous Unity
Ravaged Torsos
On Which The Demon Feeds
Exhale The Rot
Revive The Marbled Skin

Savages Arise

Like Pitiful Dogs, They Are Drunk On Neglect
And Procreate Vacuous, Violent Threats

Rise From The Ashes Of Unspeakable Filth
A Suffocating Urge To Kill
The Entire Human Race

A Billion Maggots Incessantly Breed
Relentless And Mindless, A Cancerous Greed

Torn From Cadavers
Of Avaricious Souls
An Unfathomable Servitude
A Total Fall From Grace

The Throne Ablaze
Admonished Mortal Eyes
An Endless Maze
Where Savages Arise


Hoar Frost
An Endless Winter
The Sun Sets Ablaze
Seasons Of Mist
Dashed On The Shores Of Doom

Like Some Misborn, Monstrous Child
Slake My Dreams And Quench My Cries
A God Who Feeds On Carnage And Death
Our Blood Escapes From Every Single Pore

The Rancid Milk Of A Withered Breast
Inhale The Deadly Flower
Wrench The Crimson From His Chest
The Blackened River Descends Into Our Core

I Am Aghast

Forced To Walk On Seas of Corpses
Like Maggots, The Remorse Devours My Flesh
Toward A Darkened Abyss Of Human Pollution
Hellwards Each Day Down One More Step

The Wolves Of Sin

Amongst The Vermin Pantomime Of Vice
Asphyxiated The Progress Of Our Minds
Give Rise To The Abhorrent Church Of Christ

The Wolves Of Sin

These Paragons Of Ignorance And Hate
Parasite Defenders Of Their Faith
Leave Centuries Of Servitude And Rape

With Innocent Blood
These Hallowed Alters Are Stained
Fiends Bore Holes
This Anguished Wretch
The Wolf Already Flays


Spineless Vultures
Circle Devastation
Pious Vermin
Infect Generations

Bow Before The Plaster Christ
Submit To Oppression
In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
A Legion Of Demons

Reverent Serpents
Poison Populations
Bloated Jesus
Hear My Execration

Now Is The Time To Fight
The Storming Of Heaven
We Are Dust And To Dust We Shall Return
The Sons Of Perdition

To Achieve The Unspeakable
Our Hatred Will Be Immortalized
No More Seraphic Raptures
We Will Tear These Hypocrites From Their Thrones

Denial Of Christ
Religion Created Sin
The Cattle Must Rise
To Cure The Plague Within

Dragged To Gehenna

A Lowly Mortal Sits
Before The Great Unknown
Enter A Vast Abyss
Exile The World Below

Dragged To Gehenna

Looking To Distant Skies
My Fate Confines Me
Throw Off The Flesh Disguise
Expand Into Infinity

Gaze At Tarnished Mirrors
Saliva Mixed With Cinders Black

A Temple Of Glorious Rot
The Sun In It's Own Blood Coagulates
And Through All This Sickness And Death
My Soul Upon Tears You Shed Is Slaked

Thirst For Extinction

Wine Conceals Sordid Gloom
Abysmal Blackness, Endless Doom

Convulsive Life
Act Without Reason
Ridden With Spite
Phantoms Are Feeding

Drowning Alive, Self Destruct
Disorder, Death, Horror, Disgust

Crave Solitude
Aching For Freedom
Festering Wounds
Phantoms Are Feeding

No Light Escapes The Shadow
No Life
The Thirst For Extinction


Tears Flow
Vast Sorrow

Weep To Behold Him
Bask In His Sublime Light
Strong Hands Fade
My Life Torn Asunder

It's All A Reaction To Grief
It's Even A Struggle To Breathe
A Life Left In Splinters Beneath
My Soul Is A Tomb Bereaved

Slowly Murdered Day By Day
The Solemn Light In A Dying Gaze
Say Your Prayers To The God Reviled
And Tear The Father From His Child

Missing Lyrics
 Splinters Dsc04311

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