Vincent Hostlostsplinters - France

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Vincent Hostlostsplinters - France

Post by Admin on Sun 7 Dec - 0:03

I 'm going to introduce myself shortly because ( you'll see that very quickly ), I understand English but I've got some difficulties and it's far from being perfect ...
So, why in English ?
It's very important for the forum to be international . When I see the fans who visit The entrails of Vallenfyre site ( Englishman, American or german guys ) , it's an obligation ... But I don't despair to progress too !
As nothing like this existed before, I found that my favourite band deserved a site on the web dedicated to it .
You will find here all information on the crusty death-metal band with a daily update .

Hi everyone !
Vincent - 43 years old ( I love metal music since I'm fourteen ) - Center of France
I prefer Death-metal style and my favorite bands are : Vallenfyre - Slugdge - Hail of bullets - Supuration - Bloodbath - Death - Gorefest - Carcass - Demonical - Sulphur Aeon - Paean ...
Besides Death-metal I also love Paradise lost ( since 12/1990 ), "melodic black-metal" ( Regarde les hommes tomber - The great old ones - Wolves in the throne room - Dordeduh ... ), "melo-doom-death" ( Draconian - Wolfheart )
I'm always in search of excellent bands ...
I don't like crust - grind or punk music !
Nevertheless, all those ingredients, mixed with ( cinders black ) a swedish sound are in Vallenfyre's music .
Add Greg's influences ( Celtic frost, Amebix, Repulsion ... ) I really don't understand why I so fu**in' much appreciate the result !
I had the opportunity to see them 11 times ( what a lucky guy ! ) : Brutal assault / Neurotic Deathfest / Damnation fest / Stuttgart / Nijmegen ( The "worst" gig because it was the day after the alcoholic party for the last date with Bolt thrower) / Rotterdam / Barcelona / Tarragona ( Best show! ) / Madrid / Vitoria ( Zaragoza cancelled ) and Hellfest !

\m/ Cheers \m/

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